avril 29, 2016
Is global fashion really in crisis? premium
By now, Paris and beyond heard about French Bashing, a viral self-loathing built upon rampant economic turnmoil, rising unemployement and now, terrorist attacks. In the middle of this, could Fashion if not save us, make us smile ? Wrong : Fashion would […]
avril 26, 2016
Are you ready to wear jogging bottoms ? premium
Last week, Kirsty Wark, presenter on the BBC program Newsnight, appeared on TV wearing jogging bottoms. Although, the smoking gun was paired with a suit jacket, the sweatpants have been widely criticized on social media. Critics claimed that this outfit […]
avril 5, 2016
#fashionmuse : Tilda Swinton premium
mars 30, 2016
2016 : the officialization of fashion as entertainment premium
What is entertainment? While examples are plenty, its meaning remains foggy maybe because, like in many cases, to each his own. As the word would suggest, the goal should be to keep us busy, focus, amused or all three at […]
mars 25, 2016
#pfw : la combinaison post-régime du printemps (Courrèges) premium
mars 24, 2016
Isabella Blow, star du street style avant même l’existence du concept premium
Elle a régné sur la scène du street style avant même l’existence du concept et semblait avoir plus de plaisir pour ça que personne n’en a aujourd’hui.  
mars 5, 2016
#pfw : des robes longues entièrement brodées (Elie Saab) premium
février 13, 2016
Do clothes still make the man ? premium
For decades, Fashion with a capital F played a distinctive function between social strata, groups and economic categories. Then, Fast Fashion and its mammoths, influencers and instagrammers rose and re-shuffled the cards to the point we now ask this question: […]
janvier 26, 2016
« Mirror, mirror » premium
  Fish gape, foodporn, check-in, #instamood : showing off is what’s cool, be it to friends or strangers. With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, hard to lay low… even if you want to. But in today’s world, one cannot simply « not exist » to […]